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Wanna Gonna

Make a Difference Today

A collaborative platform for volunteering, which brings together people skills and the needs of NGOs/NPOs, all around the world. 

It's a platform that focuses on leveraging volunteers to solve social problems.

So, Together We Can Make a Change!

About us

About us

We are a Non-Profit platform that provides NGOs/NPOs resources in skilled volunteers and knowledge, in order to support their activities. We have built not only an online volunteering system, but also a community of volunteers who want to make a difference in the world.

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What We Do

Why Using the Platform ?

As a Volunteer

  • Use your skills for a greater good​

  • Get involved in 

    • Various projects​

    • Various good causes

  • Support various NGOs/NPOs

  • Find and connect with an international community

  • It is the opportunity to do a first step in the volunteering world, all from your computer

As an Non-Profit Organization

  • Find the right talent for your need

  • Get unlimited support from skilled people for your activities and projects

  • Be part of a Non-Profit Community

  • Communicate, learn and share with the other Non-Profit Organizations engaged on the same causes/SDGs

  • Promote your activities to a community of people already conscious and engaged about your causes


"We have worked with Thomas and the Wanna Gonna team to create a skilled based volunteer project that matched our needs perfectly. They brought genuine enthusiasm, expertise and a positive attitude that helped us tremendously.
From website and communications planning to early morning volunteering,  they are definitely our go-to team and we highly recommend them!"


Wordpress data entry


SNS Assistant

Neko Ten House

Support to set up a Patreon account

Neko Ten House

Local (Chiba - Tokyo) volunteer for video filming/editing

  • Is it a free service ?
    Yes, it is completely free for both NGOs/NPOs and Volunteers. There is no fee and never will have.
  • Who can volunteer ?
    Literally anyone and from anywhere. The target of Wanna Gonna is to remove the physical frontier and allow anyone with an internet connection to contribute ! No matter what your skills are, the need of the organizations are various and opportunities for you to help will be multiple !
  • What are the conditions for an Organization to benefit from Wanna Gonna services ?
    2 main conditions: Be a Non-Profit Act on one or several SDG(s) The target of Wanna Gonna is to support all the actors who are acting to make our world a better world.
  • How much time I should be spend on volunteering ?
    There is no minimum required. The most important is to be transparent about your availabilities with the organizations you’re going to help. Communication is the key #1 !! There is an input on your profile where you should specify your overall availabilities.
  • What happens if I suddenly can’t finish a task for an Organization ?
    This is not a problem, we all have our personal constraints. The most important key is communication ! Share your constraints with the Organizations ASAP so they can adapt their activities and expectation accordingly. Whereas, if you quit in the middle of a task without informing the Organization, actions will be taken. First, Wanna Gonna team will contact you to understand the situation and reasons, but if this situation (meaning stop giving news to the Organization while you committed to help them) happens again, your profile will be deactivated.
  • How can I start volunteering with Wanna Gonna ?
    Easy step ! First, create your account then follow the steps described here : If you have any question, don’t hesitate to use the Chat with WannaGonna admin !
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