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[Japan] Legal advice for NPOs
Skills :

Legal Consulting

Time Estimation : 

Few hours a week, Few hours a month, Other

Request Description

Wanna Gonna is a young NPO and there's a few legal aspects that are still a bit obscure for us and some professional advices would be welcome.


Ideally we would have one or two Q&A 2 hours sessions to clarify a few legal points (compliance with regulations, fundraising compliance, etc.).


The goal of those sessions is also to write down all those valuable legal advices in order to share them later with other NPOs that are or will be part of Wanna Gonna NPOs network.


There's no particular deadline to this request, first we try to address the most pressing questions and if we need more session we'll open another request.

About the organization

Wanna Gonna is a Non-Profit organization itself. Our purpose is to support other non-profit by bringing to them volunteers and skills so they can progress in their mission

If you are interested to help, or have a question about the request, contact us !

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