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Community Moderator
Skills :

Article & Blog Post, Website content, Other

Time Estimation : 

Everyday, Few hours a week, Mostly on weekends, Few hours a month

Request Description

We are launching a new internal social space where people and Non-profits can communicate, share, exchange together !


We are looking for volunteers to help moderating different group, and as well animating by providing contents, starting new discussion topics and so on !


If you are social person, loving to communicate, meeting beautiful minds, and learning from inspiring people, that position might be interesting for you !


There is no constraint on this volunteering role, you do at your pace, when you have some time !

About the organization

Wanna Gonna is a Non-Profit organization itself. Our purpose is to support other non-profit by bringing to them volunteers and skills so they can progress in their mission

If you are interested to help, or have a question about the request, contact us !

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