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Wanna GoNews March 2024

Dear WannaGonners! 🌟


Guess what? We're already onto our third edition of this awesome newsletter! Yep, that's right, three editions in and we're just getting started! 😳


First things first, a huge warm welcome to all our new members! 🎉 You've joined a community that's not just cool, but also making a real difference by helping NPOs from anywhere in the world! 🌍


Let's dive right into the March highlights 🚀


📢 Previously on Wanna Gonna

Our team is directly involved and leading the technical project of creating a Digital Transition Toolkit, a guide and roadmap created by IFCA for institutionalized children to become independent in adult life! We have a dedicated team working on that and we are looking for talents who are interested to join the party and help on the technical side!

You are interested ? Contact us!

🔎 Want to make a difference and help NGOs?

Check out our latest listings.


✨ What’s Up NGOs?

#2 Founder Interview: YouMeWe


This month, we got to chat with the amazing Michael Clemons, the brains behind YouMeWe.


He shared with us the details about his journey to Japan, how he got started helping institutionalized kids, and how he manages his time between being a stockbroker, running an NPO, and being a father. 🌟⏳


We are going to release soon the interview !

Stayed tuned on our Blog !!


🍏 Green Snack News

We're all aware that International Women's Day falls officially on March 8th, but we believe in making it a daily celebration! 🎉 This year, the theme revolves around "Inspire Inclusion," emphasizing the significance of diversity across all facets of society.


"Inspire Inclusion" is advocating for diversity in leadership and decision-making roles. Women, particularly those from underrepresented communities, often encounter obstacles to leadership positions 💜


By focusing on inclusion, organizations and communities can harness the full potential of diverse perspectives, leading to better decision-making and innovation. 🌟

Education and awareness through initiatives such as mentorship programs, workshops and resources are key players in empowering women. 📚💪


The entertainment industry has a significant influence on shaping societal perceptions and attitudes. Filmmakers have a unique opportunity to promote diversity and representation on screen, inspire audiences, and challenge existing stereotypes.


As we celebrate International Women's Day 2024 and reflect on the theme of Inspire Inclusion, let's all put efforts into creating a world where all women are empowered, valued, and included.



Stay tuned for next month Wanna GoNews !

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