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SEGO Initiative

SEGO Initiative grew from the very simple yet extremely powerful idea of giving back to the community. Hence was born the Fujisawa Beach Clean Project in 2009, a massive project that engaged corporate action and local volunteers to clean up the marine debris that plagues the Fujisawa Beach. A large community day of service, Fujisawa Beach Clean Project is now even bigger than its inception and is held twice a year in Spring and autumn.

We formalized our aim of connecting causes to communities by incorporating (as an 一般社団法人) in 2014 and, with the constant support of our dedicated volunteers, continue in our quest to make the world a better place each day through dedicated action and inclusive projects. ​

We make family-friendly, immersive, grassroots experiences to help protect the environment by connecting hearts, minds, and nature.

Come be a part of the change.

Location: Fujisawa, Kanagawa - Japan

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