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Tokyo Spring Homeless Patrol

Tokyo Spring Homeless Patrol is a group of friends who have been volunteering with the homeless since October 2016.

We conduct weekly patrols in Shinjuku, Ueno and one stretch of the Tama river. We distribute food (cans of fish, rice balls, bento, sandwiches, uncooked rice, bananas, sweets), batteries for portable radios and - upon request - sleeping bags, underwear, mosquito coils in summer and heating pads in winter, gas cassettes and more…to about 600 homeless a month. Our friends from YSHP Yokohama Spring Homeless Patrol patrol twice a month and serve about 250 people in Yokohama.

Our activities have been featured

and in the Japan Times (in English):

3 ways to help us:

- Food donations through our Amazon wish list: (it is updated regularly based on needs):

Ueno :


- Money donations through our PayPal here:

This address is only used on PayPal for Tokyo Spring but please add a message/note as you send the donation saying it’s for Tokyo Spring. All donations are greatly appreciated and the food and daily necessities distributed are greatly received by those in need.

- Joining a patrol: You can join one or more of our weekly patrols as a volunteer. Ueno on Wednesday evenings and Shinjuku on Sunday evenings. We limit the number of volunteers for each patrol. To enquire about volunteering opportunities and availability for the upcoming patrols, send us a DM!

Please note that volunteers bring the food and items we distribute to the homeless so you will be asked to contribute and bring something to the patrol.

For all enquiries, send us a message or an email! 🙂

Contact person: Brkić Sulejman

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