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Youth For Future

Our mission as Youth For Future is to support the development of children in underprivileged communities by leveraging our community of international students from across Japan and fostering a service-learning mindset.

Managed by university students, our management team creates various volunteering opportunities for both high school and university students, known as our Kaizen Projects.

The Kaizen projects we run at Youth For Future aim to enhance child development in underprivileged communities through three key aspects: increasing their access to basic necessities, providing free educational support, and offering emotional support.

Current Kaizen Projects:

  • Collaboration with “Kodomo-Shokudou” to ensure they have enough resources to support their causes while providing free academic tutoring to the kids who go to such facilities. 

  • Support orphanages in Japan and overseas through partnering up and working together with other NPOs such as YouMeWe. 

  • Our global project aims to support underdeveloped schools overseas, such as Mvita Primary School, which we have continuously supported by raising funds to improve the environment and quality of education. We provide them with school stationery and other resources to enhance the quality of education.


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