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Moo Mow Garden

Updated: Jun 19

Moo Mow Garden is an NPO dedicated to transforming the lives of cows and restoring neglected lands in regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Managed by the Friends of the Hometown and Heart Association, Moo Mow Garden operates under the leadership of Satsuki Tani, who aims to create vibrant spaces where people, animals, and nature can thrive together.

Moo Mow Garden(もーもーガーデン) は、東日本大震災の影響を受けた地域で、牛たちの命を救い、放棄された土地を復活させることに取り組むNPOです。ふるさとと心を守る友の会が運営するMoo Mow Worldは、谷さつきの指導のもと、人と動物と自然が共存できる活気ある空間を作ることを目指しています。

Our mission involves using cows, affectionately known as our "mowing team," to graze on overgrown fields and gardens. These cows have a natural appetite for weeds and underbrush, effectively clearing even the most overgrown areas. Doing so, they help prevent the spread of wild vegetation, reduce wildlife overpopulation, and prevent wildfires. Our innovative approach revitalizes the local ecosystem and provides a sustainable model for land conservation.


Our Activities Include / 私たちの活動内容:

  • Land Conservation/土地保全: Utilizing cows to naturally manage and restore overgrown fields and gardens, preventing wildfires and reducing illegal dumping. 牛を利用して、雑草が繁茂した畑や庭を自然に管理・復元し、山火事を防ぎ、不法投棄を減らします。

  • Wildlife Control/野生動物の管理: Reducing the wildlife encroaching into residential areas by clearing their natural hiding spots and creating a separation between their habitat and the city. / 野生動物の隠れ場所を取り除き彼らの生息地と人間の居住区を分けるくことで、イノシシなどの野生動物が住宅地に侵入するのを防ぎます

  • Ecosystem Revitalization/生態系の復活: Helping restore the local ecosystem by maintaining vegetation and promoting natural biodiversity./植生を維持し、自然の生物多様性を促進することで地域の生態系を復元します。

  • Agricultural Land Restoration/農地の復元: Transforming neglected and overgrown agricultural lands into usable and beautiful spaces, reducing the labor and cost associated with traditional land maintenance./放棄された雑草が繁茂した農地を美しく使いやすい空間に変え、従来の土地管理にかかる労力とコストを削減します。

  • Community Engagement/コミュニティの関与: Collaborating with local farmers and experts to implement sustainable land management practices and involving the community in conservation efforts./地元の農家や専門家と協力し、持続可能な土地管理を実践し、地域社会を保全活動に巻き込みます。

  • Sustainable Model Development/持続可能なモデルの開発: Creating a replicable model for other regions facing similar challenges, demonstrating the potential of natural resources for environmental conservation and community rejuvenation.同様の課題に直面する他の地域に再現可能なモデルを作成し、環境保全と地域再生における自然資源の可能性を示します。

  • Flora Revival/植物の復活: Protecting and reviving local flora such as cherry blossoms, plums, persimmons, blueberries, kiwis, strawberries, roses, lilies, and irises, which have flourished due to the cows' grazing activities./牛の放牧活動により桜、梅、柿、ブルーベリー、キウイ、いちご、バラ、ユリ、アヤメなどの地元の植物を保護し復活させます

Moo Mow Garden was established in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, as a response to the abandoned cows left to fend for themselves. Our initiative has not only saved these resilient cows but also provided a solution for land conservation and community rebuilding. Through our efforts, we strive to protect and enhance the coexistence of people, animals, and nature, ensuring a brighter future for all.


Support Us: We invite everyone to support and follow the amazing work of our cows and the dedicated efforts of the local community. Together, we can continue to nurture this harmonious space where life flourishes.

私たちを支援してください: 皆さんに、牛たちの素晴らしい活動と地元コミュニティの献身的な努力を支援し、見守っていただきたいです。共に、命が輝くこの調和のとれた空間を育み続けましょう。



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