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NekoTen House

Updated: Jan 28

Nekoten House is a registered Non-Profit Cat Sanctuary committed to providing the highest level of care for abused, abandoned, terminally-ill and senior felines. Located in beautiful Chiba, Japan, the sanctuary was founded by a Japanese woman over 10 years ago. Together with her daughter they provide care for over 88 cats. The founder’s biggest goal was to establish a safe and healthy environment for cats. She wanted to give this place a name that is reflective of the special Heaven-on-Earth like atmosphere, so she decided to name the sanctuary “NekoTen”, which means ‘Cat Paradise’ in Japanese.

The cats at the sanctuary are all housed in clean rooms and are all spayed and neutered. End-of-life care using a natural, holistic approach is provided for all cats.

Unlike other animal organizations we do not foster or adopt out the cats.

NekoTen House is their forever home.

We are not accepting cats at this time as we have reached the maximum capacity.

Our goal is to provide the best life and highest, quality level of care for terminally-ill, elderly, abandoned and abused cats.

Location: Chiba - Japan

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