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Wanna GoNews January 2024

Hello Wanna Gonners!  

We are happy to announce that Wanna Gonna is launching its very own newsletter 🎉

Don’t worry, we are not planning to spam you. Or maybe just a little but it’s for the greater cause because after reading our newsletter, you will be on page with our latest activities.

We will also be sharing news from our super cool NGOs! 


Last but not least, every month, one of our team members will select a “green snack news” for you to conclude the newsletter on a positive note. What’s green snack news? Well, it’s a short news highlighting actions undertaken to achieve the SDGs in the world.


So all you want for 2024 is to become a better person?

Start by subscribing to our newsletter 😉


📢 Previously on Wanna Gonna

We wanted to let you know that our annual report for 2023 is now available and can be accessed by anyone! If you want to know more about all our accomplishments and have a deep dive into our amazing Transition Toolkit project, everything is right here 😉. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments, we are always happy to hear from you!


🔎 Looking for a volunteering activity? Check out our latest listings 


✨ What’s Up NGOs?

AnimO is currently fundraising!

AnimO Sanctuary is working to improve the lives of animals in Japan. With the support of people all over the world, they make a difference in the lives of dogs, cats, monkeys, birds, and much more...

They seek help to expand their activities, please have a look at their GoFundMe campaign!

Kawakuji Animal Rescue has joined our platform!

Founded in 2019 in Ibaraki, Kawakuji is a network of fosters and volunteers whose goal is to care for neonatal kittens, sick, injured, and senior animals until they are ready to be placed into forever homes.

They are looking for volunteers to help them manage their events and social media accounts. Take a deeper look into their activities!


🍏 Green Snack News

January 24th International Mobile Phone Recycling Day 

Did you know that January 24th is the International Mobile Phone Recycling Day? Did you also know that our mobile phones and other electronic devices contain minerals, mostly extracted from mines in eastern DRC? And that the extraction areas are located in the habitat of great apes. AND over 4.6 billion smartphones were in circulation around the world in 2023, which means, half of the global population is equipped with one.

The Jane Goodall Institute, an NPO specializing in wildlife and environment conservation has launched in 2019 the “International Mobile Phone Recycling Day” to inspire actions around recycling and extending the life of electronic devices. 65% to 85% of the materials can be recycled.


Got an old smartphone? Take it to a recycling center, and help out! 🌍📱♻️



Stay tuned for next month Wanna GoNews !

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