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WannaGonna - Ambassador
Skills :


Time Estimation : 

Few hours a week, Mostly on weekends, Few hours a month, Everyday

Request Description


We’re looking for several volunteers who would like to participate in the development of Wanna Gonna.

As you may already know, we’re not just a static website where you can find announcement to help several NGOs/NPOs but we are pro-active in the support of the organizations.


As an ambassador, you will be in touch with several organization, on several causes (any SDGs). There is no specific skills required for this role except motivation and good communication.

As an ambassador, the tasks will be:

  • Communication with the Organizations (first contact and/or follow-up)
  • Understand how they work, what they need, and see how we can help through WG
  • Use your network and other WG volunteer’s network to find the perfect volunteers for the organizations
  • Support them in their usage of the platform
  • Propose new functionalities of the platform to better answer the organization needs
About the organization

Wanna Gonna is a Non-Profit organization itself. Our purpose is to support other non-profit by bringing to them volunteers and skills so they can progress in their mission

If you are interested to help, or have a question about the request, contact us !

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