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Volunteer English Teacher - for kids ages 2 to 7
Skills :


Time Estimation : 

Few hours a week, Few hours a month, Mostly on weekends

Request Description

Attend an online JOEE teacher training, complete application paperwork, agree to a background check before being allowed to enter an orphanage. Commit to teaching a JOEE English lesson of about 30 minutes at a time, weekly or monthly, as your schedule allows, for at least one year.

We will try to match you with an orphanage that is fairly close to your residence in Japan and can reimburse your travel costs. Puppets, books and games will be loaned out to you in order for you to teach English lessons. The JOEE curriculum will be sent to you so that you have a year's worth of lessons to adapt and work from.

Depending upon the orphanage, classes may happen from 3pm on weekdays or at some facilities, lessons might be taught on weekends.

About the organization

The JOEE project launched in April of 2019 in Japan. 

We have been hopping along and providing fun and lively, puppet-enhanced English lessons to children in orphanages in Japan ever since! Your continuing support makes those lessons possible.

If you are interested to help, or have a question about the request, contact us !

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