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Looking for a Wix volunteer for website update
Skills :

Website builder, Web & Mobile Design

Time Estimation : 

Few hours a week, Few hours a month

Request Description

The Japan based NPO "SEGO Initiative" is looking for a creative wix volunteer to help edit and maintain their current site.

The volunteer position will require only few hours of your time per month. You will be directly in touch with the NPO founders and help them to keep their WIX website up to date.

As short term need, there are 2 activities:

  1. The first part includes making revisions to text and replacing some images.
  2. The second parts including adding a Wix event app linked to Stripe payment for events and donations as well as linking social media events.

No need to have WIX strong experience, you will have hands on session with experienced volunteer on WIX.

As a volunteer, what you will get:

  • Learn new skills: you will be learning, not only how website maintenance and update works with WIX, a platform widely used today, but as well all the skills related to NPO organizations, communications and much more !
  • Expand your network: you will be part of the Wanna Gonna network, with volunteers from all over the world ! And moreover, you will be meeting many people from the NPOs you will help
  • Flexibility in your volunteering activities: you will be able to volunteer either locally if you are close to the NPO, either directly from your couch, at you convenient time as our activities can be done online. This request requires only few hours of your time per month !
  • Personal Satisfaction: Feeling accomplished knowing that you are helping NGOs achieve their goals and make a positive difference in the world.
About the organization

SEGO Initiative NPO is based in Japan. We bring people together to do something good for the community.

If you are interested to help, or have a question about the request, contact us !

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