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[Open]TELL Lifeline Volunteer Support Worker Training

Updated: Apr 14

We want to increase the hours of service we can offer on the Lifeline, as we work towards our goal of offering support 24/7 To do this, we need more volunteer support workers for our phone and chat service.

The training involves an initial 10 week online course in which you will learn the listening skills we use on the Lifeline. There are around 8-10 hours of work a week, consisting of weekly online seminars, role-plays to practice the skills on both phone and chat, reading, presentations and videos, and journalling.

You will also complete an apprenticeship on the Lifeline, which involves taking shifts on the Lifeline, supervised by an experienced support worker, and longer role plays on certain topics. In general, the training takes around 4-5 months in total.

The training runs three times a year, in Spring, Summer and Autumn. The next course begins in Spring 2023, with the initial online course running from February 11th - April 23rd.

Spring Key Dates

  • February 11th or 12th (4 hour online session)

  • March 25th or 26th (4 hour online session

  • April 22nd or 23rd (4 hour online session)

Summer 2023 Key Dates

  • May 27th or 28th (4 hour online session)

  • July 8th or 9th (4 hour online session)

  • August 5th or 6th (4 hour online session)

2023 Training Courses

  • Summer: Online course May 27th - August 6th

  • Autumn: Dates TBD

Criteria for applying

  • 18 years old or over

  • Excellent command of English

  • Residing in (or soon to be residing in) Japan

  • Access to internet and a private space to maintain confidentiality

For further details and to apply, click the button below or email

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