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[Open] Urgent need of local (Chiba-Japan) volunteer

Neko Ten House, a registered Non-Profit Cat Sanctuary provides care for over 88+ cats and has been paying out-of-pocket for the trash collection service for a number of years. We ran out of funds and last year we were unable to pay for the trash collection service.

Early this month we were informed they have decided to discontinue services due to nonpayment. As a result trash (cat waste, cans, plastic) has been piling up.

I'm working on setting up a fundraiser along with the website, but in the meantime we were trying to come up with some ways to help alleviate some of the trash.

We are seeking individual volunteers or organizations/companies that can help by taking some of the trash.

You can drop a comment on this request or contact us directly here:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

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