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How to - Volunteering on Wanna Gonna

A step by step guide to understand how you can start to support NGOs/NPOs with your skills !

Step 1 : Have your profile up-to-date

To easily find Volunteering opportunities, it’s important to have a complete profile !

Go to Menu > My Account and make sure the following are filled at minimum:

1. Your profile picture

2. The Display Name with your First Name

3. Other info like a summary of your skills, languages and availabilities

Go to Menu > My Profile and fill (by clicking on it):

4. About you: describe yourself and your volunteering experience. It’s always inspiring to see someone engaged !

Step 2: Check the current projects/requests

Time to check how you can use your skills to support the Non-Profits Organizations !

From the Projects page, you will be able to see the current need. You can filter and open to see more information !

Note: more filter will be available soon ! Currently working on it !

Step 3: Propose your help !

When you have found a request that you can help with, the easiest way to start is to add a comment on the ticket !

The Organization will receive a notification and then contact you, either by answering directly your comment, either through WannaGonna Chat that is available on the bottom right of your screen.


Don’t worry, if you’re not connected while they send you a message, you will receive a notification by mail !

Image by Austin Schmid

Step 4: Exchange with the Non-Profit and do some awesome volunteering !

Now that you got some feedbacks from the Non-Profit Organization, you can work together, exchange on the chat, share some document and so on !

Don’t forget communication is the key !!

If for some reasons you can not complete what was agreed, tell the organization AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so they can adapt their schedule or find another volunteer to complete the work.

Thank you for being awesome !

Image by Austin Schmid
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