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French engineer working for a Mechanical Engineering Software company for ~10 years and living in Japan for 6 years.

I started to volunteer in a Japanese Food Bank called Second Harvest Japan ( in 2019 and then Covid-19 happened. Everything started to be online… work, lessons, even concerts ! It is from that period I started to wonder why not online volunteering too !

I believe that many skilled people always thought they would like to help (at least I know many in the engineering domain) but never have done the first step to start, which is the most difficult step. With the right tool, we can leverage that and ease the activities they can help with, everything from their home !

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An engineer from Tunisia, working at a Japanese AI startup for Big Data Analysis and Risk Visualization. Living in Japan for 9 years.

I love to think of humans as shiny moving skilled entities. That’s probably not the best way of describing the image I have in my mind. But, in simpler and more formal words, let me put it this way: everyone holds a special set of skills acquired over the years. Many are out there looking for that person to ask so that they can start from somewhere. I myself started by pure chance, meeting and talking casually with someone that needed help for an event. And that experience changed my life. Also, it was where I first met Thomas and when he told me about his project of WannaGonna, I couldn’t be more excited to be part of it, in whichever way possible.

There is a lot of good we can do for the world, to make it a better place for our time and for the next generations to come. I believe we all wish for this and we are all maybe thinking how much difference we can make. Well, WannaGonna is the place to provide an environment where we all can contribute, together, as volunteers and as NGOs or NPOs, to make a difference.

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Ambassador Japan

A Computer engineer turned Investment Analyst who has been living and working in Japan for the last 8 Years.

​I started volunteering with Second Harvest Japan more than 5 years ago.
Daily life is hard, and taking out time to volunteer can be quite difficult.
WannaGonna is an attempt to make volunteering accessible by bringing it right to your doorstep (figuratively, you will need to access the website). This allows the volunteer to chose from the cause they support, select the activity that matches their skillset or interest and support the cause at their own, reasonable, pace (there are deadline, but no specific demands on the day and time when they need to be done).


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