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Hello ! Before we start, we would like to thank you for accepting our invitation to participate in this interview session. We are excited to discover the story behind the journey of a nonprofit founder. In order for you to refresh your mind and prepare for the interview, we would like to share in advance the list of questions we are planning to ask. 


Let us know if you have any questions before, during and even after the interview. We are always happy to help. 😉

Check-list  ✅
  • Would you like to conduct the interview in ENG or JP ?

  • Would you prefer to conduct the interview remotely ?

  • To ensure that we get all the details, we will be recording the interview, is it ok with you ?

  • We will be taking pictures / videos 

    • Can we use it on our social media accounts to promote your nonprofit activities ?

    • Can we use it on our social media accounts for Wanna Gonna PR purposes ?

  • We will have a short briefing session before the recording 

    • If there are any questions that you do not wish to answer, let us know

    • If there are other topics that you would like to cover, let us know

Interview Questions 🗒️

Getting to know you 🔍

  • Can you tell us a bit more about yourself (who you are, your background, share some stuff we don’t know about you, what you like)

  • What triggered you to start the NPO (e.g. passionate about nonprofits, personal story, lack of nonprofits addressing this particular issue)

Launching the NPO 🚀

  • What were the difficulties when you first started / challenges ?

  • How did you cover the cost from the beginning ?

  • How was the balance between work life / personal life / Nonprofit life ?

  • Did you get any support from your surroundings ? (family, friends, colleagues…)

  • Are you doing this full time ? Transition or shift from corporate to full-time nonprofits

Operations 📈

  • How do you involve volunteers, manage the risk of rejections regarding sponsorships, volunteerings

  • How do you collaborate with nonprofits having similar purposes / challenges

  • What are your organization’s main funding sources ?

  • How do you show the impact of your work (e.g. thanks to your donation, we were able to buy 150 shelters) show to the community you serve

  • In what ways do you engage with and communicate with your supporters and donors

  • From your first idea of non-profit organization, how close/far are you today ?

  • What’s the next chapter of your organization ? 

Challenges 🌄

  • What keeps you going in the difficult times

  • What would you do differently if you had the opportunity to go back in time ?

Conclusion 🧭

  • What advice would you give to someone who is interested in starting their own non-profit organization, based on your experiences and lessons learned?

  • How can people get involved with or support your organization's mission, whether through volunteering, donations, or other means

  • Are there any upcoming events, campaigns, or projects that you'd like to highlight or promote to our audience?

Thank you very much for your time !

We are looking forward to seeing you for the interview 🎙️

Wanna Gonna Team.

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